“It’s ok to kiss a fool, Its ok to let a fool kiss you, But never ever let a kiss fool you. It is better to meet the person Who will truly love you later, Than meet someone now who Promises to love you but, Sooner or later leaves you forever. Its still best to wait for the one you want, Than to settle for one available. Best to wait for the one you love, Than to settle for one whos around. Best to wait for the right one, Life is short to waste on the wrong person. Never try to impress someone to make Them fall in love with you. If you do, you will be expected To keep the standard For rest of your life. Fate determines who comes into your lives…… Heart determines who stays”

do people even / ever APPLY words of wisdom nowadays to REAL LIFE??? or do they just read / listen and say, “yeah, that’s nice / good advice…FOR SOMEBODY ELSE“…?

it just seems like some of the most practical suggestions get mocked and / or scoffed at by the people that truly need it the most…

it never ceases to amaze me how people overlook, undervalue, and downplay truth, wisdom, and knowledge.

it also never ceases me to amaze me on how people are SELECTIVE as to whom the allow themselves to receive valuable information from (usually determined by either race and / or socio-economic position).

based on prejudice, racism, discrimination and ego, the most valuable messages are, have been, and will continue to be forsaken mainly based on WHAT THE AUTHOR LOOKS LIKE as opposed to what he / she is saying.

this concept covers MANY areas…not just love and happiness…

in the mean time, i wish you wellness, happiness, and love…AS LONG AS YOU ARE GIVING THAT TO THE UNIVERSE, you deserve it back.

if not, just be aware that you get back what you put in.


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