“2012” by FyLe ForMatz


latest beat compilation by FyLe ForMatz…

inspired by what the end of the world would “sound” like – song titles are based on the many different elements that when combined, contribute to the “end of the world” theory.

15 instrumentals and an outro


4 thoughts on ““2012” by FyLe ForMatz

    • i’ve never even really heard their music. what project should i listen to to get a solid overview of their sound, style, and direction?

  1. somebody called them an atari 2600 on a killing spree.
    very dope artists.
    especially the way they structure their tracks.
    so many sick remixes too by them and others…

    some of my favorite daftpunk album tracks in no particular order:

    1. rolling and scratching (1997) homework

    2. television rules the nation (2005) human after all

    3. short circuit (2001) discovery

    4. daftendirekt (1997) homework

    5. oh yeah (1997) homework

    6. steam machine (2005) human after all

    7. rock and roll (1997) homework

    and most of their hits are good too if girls and or partying is involved:

    da funk,
    around the world,
    revolution 909,
    one more time,
    harder better faster stronger,
    human after all,
    robot rock,
    prime time of your life

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