NOW HIRING: Gangmember

like any other job, career, or lifestyle, gangbangin’ has it’s pros and cons…

lets take a look @ some of the reason why, and why not, to gangbang.


+ Learn how to hustle in hard times (supply & demand: drugs, guns, women, etc.)

+ Learn how to have “heart” / not be intimidated by people

+ Learn how to fight / represent yourself & what you believe in

+ Learn how to get / appeal to girls

+ Learn how the streets work

+ Make a name for yourself

+ Learn how to deal w/ police and the legal system

+ Learn how to “play your position” on a team

+ Learn how guns work / gun safety

+ Learn location awareness / how to (and how not to) act / dress in certain places (other people’s neighborhoods)


– high likelihood of serving jail / prison time

– high likelihood of getting “snitched” on

– higher likelihood of becoming an assault / homicide victim

– higher likelihood of negative police encounters

– high likelihood of losing a friend / family member to gang violence

– high likelihood of criminal record negatively impacting future job opportunities

– high likelihood of not graduating highschool / college

– high stress

– many enemies

– bad example for youth

in summary…

live and let live…and don’t judge a man unless you’ve walked a mile in his shoes…

FyLe ForMatz



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