killer vs. filler in seattle

hip hop / rap music, to me, was always based on mainly 3 things:

1: useful information / “game”

2: competition / “bragging rights & credibility”

3. being able to relate / “feeling the music”

now, i can only speak for myself, but when it comes to certain groups in Seattle, some get filed as either filler or killer, based on the 3 factors pointed out above.

some have the “1,2,3 (killer) factor” such as



others get filed away as lacking the “1,2,3”…such as dyme def and blue scholars.

now, i know that a lot of people out there are like “NO WAY, EVERYBODY LIKES DYME DEF and BLUE SCHOLARS”…

BUT…i beg to differ and would like to point out that the (seemingly) main reason why people like those groups is because they cater to a “PG-13” fanbase; a “one size fits all” type of crowd; which “dilutes” the music FACTUALLY to some, and ARGUABLY to others.

think about it…

McDonald’s caters to kids, just like Disney and Nickelodeon do…Dyme Def and Blue Scholars (FOR EXAMPLE) cater to like similar minded “happy meal” rap / hip hop fans…

in summary, it’s a shame that the number of fans out there that prefer “passive / easy” hip hop are the “majority“; thus, hip hop will continue to get even more diluted since “obviously” the people crave the filler, and not the killer.


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